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Sideboard Tetris 6 Pebble Gray

Sideboard Tetris 6 Pebble Gray

Asymmetrical sideboard made of 6 modules on a three-cube length of oak base


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For the lovers of contrast: We have combined our robust steel modules with a warm wooden base which echoes the Scandinavian style. The result is a versatile furniture piece for the individualist that effortlessly blends into the existing interior and creates an impressive appearance. Our shelving system with the wooden base can be used in a multitude of ways and has a timeless aesthetic, which can be enjoyed for a long time. From our coffee table to our sideboard, our shelving system with the wooden base has inspiring and sophisticated details and classic and natural tones.

Product details

  • Dimension : 99 x W 33 x H 119 cm
  • Weight : 50 Kg
  • Materials : connectors, Metal cube, wooden base
  • Assembly instructions included : No
  • Code Number : SI-TE-6-GRAY
  • Colours :  

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