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Quadro 16 Black

Quadro 16 Black

High shelf of 16 modules on a metal base with adjustable feet.

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Our shelving systems are made of robust metal elements which resembles the structure of a bee hive, thus uniting the industrial look of the raw materials with organic natural character. This combination makes this exceptional furniture piece stand out through the balance of its fascinating aesthetic and minimalist, subtle design. Whether it is used as a stage for books or decorations, or to store vinyl, this shelving system will add an impressive design piece to any space.

Product details

  • Dimension : 132 x W 33 x H 133 cm
  • Weight : 120 Kg
  • Materials : connectors, metal base with adjustable feet, Metal cube
  • Assembly instructions included : No
  • Code Number : QU-16-BLACK
  • Colours :  

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