Iron Hive - Interior Designer

Möbeldesigner Berlin Davide Mezzasalma

Italian design. Handmade in Germany.

Behind Iron Hive is Davide Mezzasalma, born in Rome 1981. Since 2012 he lives as a freelance designer in Berlin. He studied transportation design in Coventry/UK and Turin, before working as a designer at Fiat and in yacht building. "The more I got involved with design, the more I was fascinated by the craft process," says Mezzasalma. "The manual approach took over the mechanical, the experimental over the proven". In this spirit, the step to the creative and technical mastermind who offers custom-made furniture and interior concepts from a single source, was consistent.

The idea for Iron Hive arose when he was looking for an original solution for a room divider in a private apartment. "My inspiration are the repetitive geometric elements on which nature itself is built: from atoms, cells, crystals to the honeycombs of a beehive. Elements that can divide, split and grow and thus find new forms," explains the designer.

The innovative and versatile character of this modular shelving system has won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016.


2019 DIN Design In, Milan

2018 London Design Fair, London

2018 INDEX, Dubai

2017 Naked Objects, Köln

2016 Refugium, Berlin