The modular shelving system

To organize in a dynamic way.

The Iron Hive series is composed of individual modules that allow the user to classify, store and “grow” the storage solution as required. With the support of a wooden base, the modules also function well as side or night tables. When the modules are combined, they can form a bookshelf, a sideboard or any furniture desired.

Here below you can choose a preset or configure your own custom solution.

Side table

Ideal for night and day

One module with a single unit length size wooden base.


Breathe new air at home

Four modules with a double unit length size wooden base.


Entertain yourself

Three modules with a triple unit length size wooden base.


A clever solution

Ten modules with a triple units length size metal base


Enhance your space

Sixteen modules and two double unit length metal bases


Enhance your space

Eight modules and two double unit length size metal bases

Customize your Iron Hive

The philosophy of this product is flexibility, whenever you don’t find the right solution in the suggested presets, proceed to customize your configuration by sending us your request.

ironhive - modular shelving system
Iron Hive safe system

Everybody needs safety

Each module is connected with the others through stainless steel specific connectors.
This system allows to obtain an extremely strong structure and guarantees safety in every environment.


Due to an A class german manufacturing the Iron Hive system products are categorized as high end furnitures.

Iron Hive - Italian Design Italian Design
Iron Hive - German Manufaturing German Manufacturing

Iron Hive fits everything

The module dimensions allow to store the following standard objects and much more

Iron Hive fits everything
Iron Hive - fairs, prizes, publications
Iron Hive - fairs, prizes, publications