One module.
Endless possibilities

Inspired by the structure of a beehive, the Iron Hive modular shelving system offers flexible and dynamic high-end solutions at home, in the office or retail sector. It grows and transforms with the needs of its user.

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Everything begins with a comb

A 33 x 33 cm cube whose front lines are shifted and form its distinguishing polygonal shape. On its own, it can be used as a side table or stool next to a sofa, armchair or bed.

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Like a metric system

These modules can be combined to form larger units, grow in length or height and thus become complex sideboards, bookshelves, room dividers or product displays. An oak plinth can support one, two or three modules, while larger shelving systems can be fitted with metal feet.


Thanks to a sophisticated yet easy-to-install screw connection, they can be recombined over and over again - and thus offer completely individual design and application options.

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An edgy character. Indestructible.

The geometric structure of the Iron Hive allows dynamic and highly aesthetic perspectives. From every angle, its shifted lines appear different: organic and structured, light and strong at the same time. These effects can be graphically enhanced by combining modules in different colours: an Iron Hive is a strong design statement in any room. And leaves a lasting impression - in the best sense of the word.
Its body made of powder-coated, matt iron is extremely robust, scratch-resistant and can carry a lot: whether files, books or records. An Iron Hive lasts a lifetime and longer.
All components come from German quality production.

The innovative and versatile character of this modular shelving system has won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

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Iron Hive fits everything

The module dimensions allow to store the following standard objects and much more





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