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Designer Blumenkiste schwarz
Designer Blumenkiste schwarz



Marke: Design House Stockholm

Designer: Worapong Manupipatpong & Ada Chirakranont

Material: pulverbeschichtetes Metall

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Flower tray gathers together all of the plants in a room and creates a new aesthetic, and it also means you only need to water at one place. Use Flower Tray to create a green centrepiece for your table, or fill it with herbs for the kitchen, or why not try growing seedlings and small plants on the windowsill. Asian and Scandinavian aesthetics combine to form a minimalistic and useful tray that can be used all year round with seasonal flowers and plants. The wooden stand on which the metal tray rests allows the air to circulate and avoids condensation build up.


  • Masse : 30 x W 12 x H 13 cm
  • Gewicht : 1 Kg
  • Aufbauanleitung enthalten : Nein
  • Artikelnummer : 2519-1081

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